Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products

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Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
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Recommended Fly Parasite Plans for Dairy Goat Farms

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The Flies Are Coming!!
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The Best Fly is a Dead Fly.  Even Better is No Fly!

Goat Program

Every dairy goat farm knows flies develop each year from moist organic materials such as manure, wet feed areas, compost and even grass clippings. And if unchecked the flies will multiply dramatically.

Fly development is like an infection, if you get ahead of it there will be fewer problems. This is a unique plan. To start early we provide back to back weekly shipments followed by biweekly shipments which reduces the chance of any gaps. After 4-6 weeks into the program, we double a shipment to offset the surge of adult flies which normally occurs at this time and finally we have one more insurance policy, toward the end of July we insert another free shipment so you get three in a row in case the summer was extra hot and wet. With this type of program - early shipments, biweekly shipments - a double shipment and a free shipment you should achieve the “YODER EFFECT” for your farm.

Your Farm
Achieve the
“Yoder Effect”

Unless upcoming temperatures will be under 45 degrees we recommend putting out your parasites in the evening when they are received and let them hatch naturally. They are packed in a dry sawdust mix and easy to disperse like putting out grass seed. Fly parasites work inside or outside. Parasites are shipped in units with each unit having approximately 10,000.

If you have dairy cattle visit For other livestock visit For poultry facilities, call us at 888-771-3276 or visit the livestock site. Our prices are very competitive and if you have a different program we can match it often with lower pricing. Also we can customize programs as desired.